How the invention of Hyperloop will set fire to £100 billion of your money.

I know that’s a pretty bold title to go with but Hyperloop will change transportation forever and inadvertently set off a £100 billion time bomb for HS2.

Let me start with what we are most familiar with.

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Books of 2016

One on my goals from last year was to read more. I wanted to share 5 impactful books that stood out for various reasons over the last 12 months.

I use the word ‘read’ pretty loosely as most the books we’re actually ‘listened to’ but pretty sure that counts.

As both a marker to myself for next year and as a something that may add value to someone, I thought I’d write them down and share.

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The Why, The Goals and The Fear.

For a long time, I thought that having a blog or producing content was for a select few. A select few who I thought had somehow already made it to a point where people cared what they had to say. Why would anyone care what I had to say about digital skills and the advancement of technology?

What didn’t cross my mind until a few months ago was that, everyone who has ever produced content online started at zero.

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2016 – An Amazing Year For Technology.

For some people, 2016 was a year full of bad news.

There was, however, another side to it. Another side full of technological achievements which advanced humanity in a way never seen before.

Here is a rundown.

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