About Me

My Why

This is the place where I write about the things I care about. Here you will mainly find pieces about technology and how it is shaping the world. How digital skills are essential for the stable future of our economy and how anyone can easily obtain those skills. My main goal is to build digital products which enable people/businesses to improve their physical lives which would have been otherwise impossible.

To help people achieve this I spend most of my time obtaining knowledge across a wide range of digital products and platforms. I digest complex information and relay it in a way that is easily actionable. I grew up with a passion for technology and people, this skill of combining these has been built on since I founded my first internet business in 2009.

Since then I have always helped traditional businesses establish a presence online or been directly employed by a company with a digital product or service. These businesses have ranged from e-commerce to digital recruitment.

Today I am a Digital Marketing and Transformation Consultant. Currently, I assist a group of recruitment businesses to grow their presence online and build a disruptive start-up SaaS offering.

In my spare time, I offer up my services on a pro bono basis to local small businesses. If you are reading this and need any advice or guidance surrounding digital marketing or social media then happy to help.

Would love to connect with everyone who has read down to this point so please do reach out by email or on any of the social channels.