I knew zero code…now I know a little.

Oh hey there bootcamp :)

Well, almost zero.

I’m going into the NorthCoders Coding Bootcamp from a standing start with absolutely ZERO JavaScript knowledge.

Roll back the clock a couple of months then the above would have been true. I knew nothing apart from how to print “Hello World!” to the screen and definitely didn’t know the difference between Var, Let and Const.

Things are slightly different now.

The Coding Bootcamp Pre-Course.

If you have ever looked into coding bootcamps then you’ll know that it’s not as simple as just walking through the door on the first day.

Firstly there is usually some form of technical challenge which you will need to complete and secondly a technical interview with one of the instructors. In my case I met with Harriet (check her Twitter out), a previous student turned instructor.

Slightly nerve racking but a good chance to see where you’ll be spending the next X number of weeks and meet some of the current cohort.

Get through this and you’re in.

Next, comes the first steep learning curves. 5 weeks worth of pre-course learning which in my case had to be crammed into 3 pretty eventful weeks.

This will obviously vary according to what coding bootcamp you attend but the general consensus is that everyone has a certain level of base knowledge.

I’ll summarize what I’ve learned so far.

Week 1

  • JavaScript Basics and Built-in Methods.
  • Learning the Command Line
  • Git & GitHub
  • Reading – Eloquent JavaScript (check it out here)

Week 2

  • More reading
  • Core JavaScript on CodeAcademy
  • Regular Expressions (Regexr)
  • Problem Solving

Week 3

  • HTML and CSS Basics
  • Learning the DOM
  • Jquery Basics
  • GitHub Pages

Week 4

  • Functional Programming
  • Underscore JS

Week 5

Didn’t make it so I’m not going to write what it was.

It’s a truckload to learn in not a lot of time so although I crammed and crammed I’m not sure how much of it went in!

I guess we’ll find out over the next 12 weeks.

If you’re interested to know what the course contains this is the stack.

Core JavaScript, React, Node.JS, Angular.JS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Docker, Heroku, GitHub and SaSS. There may even be a tad of React Native as well for those interested in building for mobile using Javascript.

That was the pre-course, now bring on 12 weeks of mind melting learning.

I know now a little bit of JavaScript.


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