The Why, The Goals and The Fear.


For a long time, I thought that having a blog or producing content was for a select few. A select few who I thought had somehow already made it to a point where people cared what they had to say. Why would anyone care what I had to say about digital skills and the advancement of technology?

What didn’t cross my mind until a few months ago was that, everyone who has ever produced content online started at zero.

Zero people reading, watching or listening. That’s a pretty tough thing to do.

It’s a big barrier to entry mentally to know that if I did finally build up the courage to put something out there that it wouldn’t be seen or heard. This is the first barrier, fear.

The second barrier? I felt I didn’t have enough capital around the subject I would talk about.

This has been something I’ve told myself over and over. Not enough capital.

Then a couple of things changed.

In mid/late 2016 I started consuming Gary Vaynerchuk’s content and thought, screw it, what’s the worst that can happen. I won’t bore you with his spiel but in summary, ‘care less about what other people think’ and ‘spend zero time worrying about the things that don’t matter’.

So this year, 2017, is the year of producing regular content based on the intersection of three things.

First, the ‘thing’ I am most interested in. Second, the area I have the most capital in and third, the area I could bring value to others.

This is what I came up with. Information about how technology and digital skills can benefit individuals, small businesses and humanity for the better.

I feel we are in an era where anything is possible. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop and some basic digital skills.

Why am I doing this blog about digital skills and technology?

I read the other day that there are 12m people in the Uk alone that have fallen into a digital skills gap.

As someone who grew up with the internet and smartphones, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of people who didn’t.

There is also 54% of the world’s population that are still to experience the internet for the first time. The total of this 54%? 4 billion people. These people will all be coming online over the next 10 years.

how many people online?

To the both of you reading this right now (yup, aiming high!) you have digital skills. The ability to find this, follow the link and scroll down is a skill. Whether you think it or not, someone you know would love to feel more comfortable doing this.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that you can think of someone who would benefit greatly from a 20-minute lesson.  It could be as simple as showing them how to use Google or even how to send an email. If you can think of someone then reach out.

Ask. I think you’ll be surprised.

Let’s pay it forward.

So I salute you content producers for putting yourself out there and starting from zero.

Here’s to conquering fear.

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