7 Ways Drone Technology Is Changing The World Today

Drone technology has been growing exponentially over the last few years and it’s changing the world.

Whether you are a hobbyist, business or private army then there is a drone for you. Ariel shot of your house…the DJI may be the one. Need that perfect selfie then the Airselfie may be for you.

Rather than focus on the drones that bring death from above, let’s check out how drone technology is changing the world for the better.

First up…

Radiation Detection

Imitec Drone
Imitec Drone Technology

Although chances are you’ve never heard of Imitec, the drone company has developed an Autonomous Airbourne Radiation Monitoring system. The drone provides, low-altitude mapping of radioactive areas thus removing all need for human intervention.

This drone is able to stay airborne for 40 minutes and can detect radiation in almost real time. It has already been deployed at the Fukushima site.

Check them out at www.imitec.co.uk.

Mine Clearing

Mine Kafon Drone
Mine Clearing Drone Technology

The second drone on the list is an airborne demining system developed to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years.

To this day there are an estimated 100 million active land mines across 60 countries. Every day, 10 innocent civilians are killed or maimed by these explosives.

The Mine Kafon Drone is 20 times faster, 200 times cheaper and safer than currently available technologies.

Check out the Mine Kafton Drone here at http://minekafon.org/.

Search and Rescue

One huge benefit to drone technology is that they are able to go into situations not easily accessible to humans.

This is where FINDER comes in.

FINDER is a human detection system designed to detect human heartbeats and breathing rates. For example, if people were trapped after an earthquake, FINDER would be able to find these people and feed vital data back to the operator.

This has already been deployed around the world and has been a huge factor in saving lives.

Wildlife Preservation

Wildlife Tracking Drone Technology
Wildlife Monitoring Technology

Until recently tracking the numbers of endangered animals has been particularly tricky for those trying to save them. With drone technology, this task has now become a lot easier and less dangerous for those involved.

The WWF is working closely with Google to fend off poachers in Africa. Poaching is a dangerous problem to deal with so drones could be the answer. Drones are used to map the movement of animals to detect illegal activity.

Let’s hope this takes us one step closer irradicating poaching altogether.


Agricultural Drone Technology

The use of drones in agriculture is, according to PWC, a $32.4 billion market. Due to their speed, they are able to save farmers a lot of time and money. Farmers are using drones to monitor crop levels, damage and if all the crops have enough water. The unique birds-eye view allows for a perfect way to analyse large amounts of crops in real time.

Additionally, drones are now outfitted with the ability to spray crops with pesticides or fertiliser!

Who would have thought farmers would be part time pilots!

Check out market leaders Precision Hawk here.

Hurricane Hunting

Hurricane Hunting Drone Technology
Nasas Hurricane Hunting Drone

Depending on which part of the planet you happen to inhabit you may be glad to hear that drones are being used to keep an eye on hurricanes.

A collaboration between NASA, NOAA and Northrop Grumman is experimenting with drones that are able to stay airborne for 30+ hours. The aim, to predict the movement of hurricanes to keep people safe.

While NASA focus on large drones, the University of Florida are focussing on tiny indestructible drones which can be swallowed by the hurricane. These mini drones will monitor the internal workings such as temperature and pressure.

Understanding how hurricanes work will undoubtedly save lives in the future.

Delivery Of Goods

You may have heard by now that Amazon has already started drone deliveries. Limited trials have begun in the Uk. The benefit, speed.

Here is Mr Clarkson to show you how it works.

With drones not being confined to roads, delivery happens as the crow flies. As soon as regulation catches up Amazon will be leading the way.

Although having our consumer goods delivered that bit faster is nice, let’s think a bit bigger.

Think of how many lives can be saved by drones delivering medicine to remote areas of 3rd world countries. Areas often hours by car and days on foot to the nearest hospital.

The good news is that this is already happening!

Check out start up Zip Line who started making deliveries to parts of Uganda in July last year.

Although selfie drones are perfect for those of us with more narcissistic tendencies, it’s good to know that drone technology is changing the world for the better!

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