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It's never been easier to build a simple 'no-code' app

14 years ago I started my first business lovediscounts.com and spent £10,000 on an agency to build a website for me. The website wasn't complicated and I was stupid.


Concept - Inputs pt.1

I'm working on a concept called Inputs. A section that lives on a personal website to publically share the content, reading, people, companies, videos and other information that shapes one's thinking and decisions.


What the fu*k is Parabola?

Put simply Parabola is an easy to learn drag and drop, visual development tool that lets you do valuable things with your data in a way that was previously reserved for ‘those who code’. It’ll make you feel like a data superhero.


Thoughts on a Pandemic pt.1

COVID19 has forced a large majority of us into isolation, turned the economy on its head and has infected more than a million around the world, here are my thoughts so far.


The easiest way to sell online with Sergio Villaseńor of Elliot.

In this episode, I speak to Sergio Villaseńor, founder and CEO of Elliot, the easiest way to sell anything, anywhere online. All without code. No-code Live 003.


Building apps in 2020 with David Adkin of Adalo HQ

In this episode, I speak to David Adkin, co-founder of Adalo HQ, the platform that lets you build a web or native mobile app as easily as building a slide deck for no-code live 001.


No-code is new programming with Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber

In this episode, I speak to Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber. We talk about why he’s interested in the no-code space and the opportunities for those who do and don’t code.


A fireside chat with Justin Wu.

I had the chance to join Justin Wu on LinkedIn Live to talk about all things #nocode marketing. In this fireside chat, we run through all of the tools a modern market has in their arsenal and what they are used for.


Thoughts On Education & Technology

One of the things that I think a lot about these days are how the pace of technology change is outstripping the change in our education system.


No code in 2019 and the 'aha moment'

It's 2019 and anyone that's computer literate can build and launch a website or app. The tools available today mean that building or 'making', as we like to call it, is as simple as dragging and dropping. This excites me muchly.


The Best No-code Tools for Beginners

No-code tools are going through a breakout period in 2019 and there are incredible tools available whether you’re trying to build a mobile app, web app or workflow. Here are the best ones to get you started.


How 1% Improvement Each Day Compounds Over Time

There are endless amounts of people who talk about self-improvement, but how about a 1% improvement per day?


Working with APIs without code. NoCodeConf Demo

My slides from the 'Working with APIs as a no-coder' from the first NoCodeConf hosted by Webflow.


Notes on 'Inside Bills Brain'

Inside Bills Brain on Netflix was one of the most fascinating docu-series I've watched in a long time. Not only did it do a remarkable job at telling the story of Bill's life but it let you understand how Bill views the world.


Product-Market Fit And How To Find It?

Finding product-market fit is a important stepping stone on the way to growth. Without it starting a business can be long and painful.