Adding Automation as a Creator

Adding Automation as a Creator - Basics

automation creators Nov 25, 2022

Creators are the Iifeblood of the internet. In this article we’re going to talk about some of the automation tools Creators can use to save time and create more.

It became apparent that most use multiple tools to do what they do but often they aren’t connected together. This is when automation is your friend.

Let's look at two options, an all in one tool which comes with automation baked in vs best in class tools which you'll need to tie together yourself.

First let’s preface this to say that the tech foundation of a modern day creator is made up of a website, email platform, products, social media profiles (Twitter, YouTube etc) and maybe some analytics tools.

After that we’re getting into niche tooling for specific use-cases which is a topic for another day.

With that in mind let’s jump into some of the tools I think should be considered by Creators looking to add a little automation into their life.


All-in-one Vs Best in class

Once you’ve decided to put some systems in place for automation, you have these two options. All-in-one tools or best in class across each category.


Putting this one up front and center as Kajabi acts as an “all in one“ platform that offers all of the above with automation built in.

If you’re not bothered by having the best in class tool for each of the categories above, then this could be your go to.

Feature wise, Kajabi is stacked.

  • Website builder + hosting

  • Courses

  • Digital products

  • Payment processing

  • Email platform
  • Drip campaigns
  • Lead capture forms
  • Basic and advanced automation

By having all of these features natively inside of Kajabi, everything ties together nicely.

They have a great breakdown with videos included of all the things you can automate inside of Kajabi here.

Now if you have a stack that is made up of different platforms then you’re going to want to make sure they’re automation friendly.

Good examples are:

By using tools like this instead of more closed off alternatives you’re able to connect them together to create any workflows you like. 



Now that you’ve got a feel of the options available to you, the next step might be to introduce a pure automation tool.

For this, there are really two best options.


Zapier is an amazing tool that allows you to move data between different apps without needing to code anything.

You simply create what’s called a “Zap” which is made up of a trigger and an action.

The trigger being the event that kicks off the Zap and the action is what you want to happen after the trigger.

Here’s a few examples of possible Zaps you could create using the tools we mentioned above.

Note - you can also use Zapier to create automations for Kajabi if you’re using that. It’s not walled off.



From tasks and workflows to apps and systems, build and automate anything in one powerful visual platform.

Make is aimed at “makers” and “creators” so it’s got all of the things you could possibly want when it comes to connecting apps.

Plus, it’s free to use if you’re just getting started with automations. Which is awesome.

To get you started here’s a link to templates related to emails, which should be a good spot to start with.

Note - you cannot use Make to create automations for Kajabi if you’re using that. It’s currently not available. 



Here's 10 quick fire ideas you can use for inspiration to get your started.

1. Automatically post content to multiple platforms at once with RSS Feeds

2. Schedule social media posts ahead of time with scheduling tools

3. Manage customer emails quickly with an automation system.

4. Receive notifications when customers interact with your content on social media through automated monitoring tools and services

5. Analyze metrics for each piece of content you create automatically to make data-driven decisions about future pieces of content that you create or changes you need to make in current ones

6. Make sure all file uploads are properly formatted and optimized with automated processes like auto-compression, resizing, etc.

7. Use workflow rules to ensure everything is done on time and correctly

8. Automatically respond to customer inquiries using chatbot technology

9. Manage your content library with automated tagging, sorting, and archiving processes

10. Streamline the process of publishing content on multiple platforms by using automation tools to sync them up or automate certain steps in the process.

Now that you have some ideas to go off, go out and give all these platforms a try and see if you can offload some of that manual work to a robot. Let me know how you get on! Good luck.

Remember if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

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