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Replicating Digital Work

There has been something that I’ve been fascinated by for a long time now and that is how people do the things they do on the internet. What if we could record what we do easily and share it?


The Best No-code Tools for Beginners

No-code tools are going through a breakout period in 2020 and there are incredible tools available whether you’re trying to build a mobile app, web app or workflow. Here are the best ones to get you started.


Leveraging No-code Tools

There are few bigger opportunities in business right now than learning how to properly leverage no-code tools. Two groups have the biggest advantage.


What the fu*k is Parabola?

Put simply Parabola is an easy to learn drag and drop, visual development tool that lets you do valuable things with your data in a way that was previously reserved for ‘those who code’. It’ll make you feel like a data superhero.


The easiest way to sell online with Sergio Villaseńor of Elliot.

In this episode, I speak to Sergio Villaseńor, founder and CEO of Elliot, the easiest way to sell anything, anywhere online. All without code. No-code Live 003.