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Making Chubbicorns Ft. String

Episode #23

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 23 ✨The Chubbiverse, Building an Ecosystem, Leveraging Social Media, and Brands Entering Web3 Ft. String💬 In this episode, Ozzy and String discuss:- The Chubbiverse- How do you build an ecosystem?-...
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Web3 Marketing and Business Models Ft. CF + Finn

Episode #22

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 22 ✨Web3 Marketing, NousDAO, C00, Branding and Business Models ft CF + Finn.💬 In this episode, Ozzy, Finn, and CF discuss: Web3 marketing & trends Communicating effectively through...
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The Future of Web3 Ft. Catty from thirdweb

Episode #21

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 21 ✨The Future of Web3💬 In this episode, Ozzy and Catty discuss: Everything thirdweb & Web3 Smart contracts Anti-rug features Furqan Rydhan  Azuki Doxxtedness Current NFT space & the future...
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"I knew Cool Cats would do well because they're fucking cats."

Episode #20

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 20 ✨"I knew Cool Cats would do well because they're fucking cats."💬 In this episode Pet and CF discuss: Shiny identity update Convicted felons within Shiny Shiny merch... More ApeCoin Yuga Labs,...
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ApeCoining & Pulp Chugging

Episode #19

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 19 ✨ApeCoining & Pulp Chugging💬 In this episode Pet, and Ozzy discuss: Shiny headlines Aggressive pulp chugging Volatility within the crypto space Yuga Labs sweep Larva Labs CryptoPunks &...
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The A & O in DAO

Episode #18

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 18 ✨The A & O in DAO💬 In this episode Pet, Ozzy, and Adam discuss: Doomsday prep Managing assets Only at the 'D' part of DAOs Shadow Quest, Arbitrum & $MAGIC Bad actors exploiting...
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Episode #17

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 17 ✨Starlink💬 In this episode Pet, and Ozzy discuss: Starlink!!! Canada & banks Self custody Shiny updates + monetising expertise DAOs are easy, people are hard Spittin' stats on high-end punk...
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Leveraged Long Dannybot

Episode #16

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 16 ✨Bullish on Magic, Bearish on Danny💬 In this episode Pet, Ozzy and Danny discuss: Ozzy's new Starlink New Shiny splinter groups Everything $MAGIC and Treasure DAO Creating the nintendo of the...
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Price Makes Price Run Ft. Tom Hirst

Episode #15

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 15 ✨Price Makes Price Run💬 In this episode Pet, Ozzy and Tom discuss: Shiny feathers Long term minting strategies Smart contracts Tiny Winged Turtlez Benefits of having art on-chain Bored Apes...
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Building The World’s Biggest Trades Community Ft. Lee Wilcox

Episode #14

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 14 ✨Building The World’s Biggest Trades Community Ft. Lee Wilcox💬 In this episode Pet, Ozzy and Lee discuss: Pioneering the trade space via community & virality Catering to a niche Monetising...
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Hape & Simps

Episode #13

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 13 ✨Hape & Simps💬 In this episode Pet, Jay and Danny discuss: Diamond handed simps LooksRare potentially taking marketshare from OpenSea Hapebeast - metaverse or blue chip? Galactic apes,...
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Dumpster Mint Degenerates

Episode #12

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 12 ✨Dumpster Mint Degenerates💬 In this episode, Pet and Ozzy discuss: The new Shiny x Dose partnership Mental fitness and how it can benefit people within the crypto space Thoughts on...
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