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Bram Doesn't Randomly Ape

Episode #11

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 11 ✨Bram Doesn't Randomly Ape💬 In this episode Pet, Ozzy, and Bram discuss: Shiny plans for the new year Ozzy's new semi-unruggable setup and the sale of his ape Excitement around P2E Treasure,...
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Can Devs do Something About Internet

Episode #10

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 10 ✨Can Devs do Something About Internet💬 In this episode Pet and Ozzy discuss: Wrapping up Season 1, new branding and identity, feather drops Nike's new acquisition of RTFKT and initial...
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Kidnapped by Sequoia

Episode #9

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 9 ✨Kidnapped by Sequoia💬 In this episode Pet, Tom and Simon discuss: Surprise Shiny NFT drop coming this week Crypto Punks vs Bored Apes, and tribalism within the current NFT landscape Identity,...
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They Are Simply Shoes Ser

Episode #8

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 8 ✨They Are Simply Shoes Ser💬 In this episode Pet and CF discuss:- Identity, design and branding within the Web3 Crypto space- Accessibility within branding and appealing to people of various skill...
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0 point 69 42

Episode #7

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 7 ✨0 point 69 42💬 In this episode Pet and Tom discuss:- The identity of Shiny and the growing demand to be part of the community- Reducing gas costs for minting- The slander of Ethereum- Convincing...
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Deadmau - 5

Episode #6

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 6 ✨Deadmau - 5💬 In this episode Pet and Tom discuss:- Crowdfunding new internet - Dips and resurgences in the NFT market - Bored Apes and their celebrity purchases- Ethics regarding Crypto and...
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The $GM of Podcasting

Episode #5

✨ Shiny Podcast Ep. 5 ✨The $GM of Podcasting💬 In this episode Pet and Tom discuss:- NFT LDN- An explosion of new announcements including Discord, Reddit & Brave x Sol- Thinking outside the box = rapid progression...
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Hypersensitive to Authenticity Ft. FloorsNFT Founder Chris Maddern

Episode #4

In this episode Pet, Ozzy & Chris discuss: - Brands doing NFTs well & not so well - Tarantino NFTs - The McRib NFT - Matrix NFTs - Why the long game is so important - Facebook rebranding to Meta and what it...
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Do it or Get REKT

Episode #3

In this episode Pet & Ozzy discuss: - Brands doing NFTs well - The Stimaes resurgence - Z Huge - Photoshop verifying NFTs - Reddit building an NFT platform - Mastercard x Crypto - Gamestop hiring Web3 Devs -...
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Build the Dip

Episode #2

In this Ep of the Shiny Podcast Pet & Ozzy discuss: Shiny London meet wrap up  Differences between a traditional Org & Community Price action in Crypto world Will Zuck fuck us with Facebook x Metaverse
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Galactic Apes, Generative Art and Floors NFT.

Episode #1

Ozzy & Pet discuss: - The $Shiny token launch! - Mekaverse drop - Fidenza sale & Snoop - Industry News: Coinbase, Stripe and Visa - The 3 day/3 week NFT bear market... - Shill corner featuring Floors NFT,...
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