No code in 2019 and the 'aha moment'

It's 2019 and anyone that's computer literate can build and launch a website or app.

The tools available today mean that building or 'making', as we like to call it, is as simple as dragging and dropping. This excites me muchly.

It puts the power into the hands of those who ask 'could I do this myself'. The answer is always yes and in much less time than people usually estimate.

It also feels like it's just started and has taken on a completely new velocity.

Since joining Makerpad 2 months ago I've had the pleasure of connecting with hundreds of people who are full of ideas and supporting each other to build that 'thing'. Not beating each other down or trying to one up each other like many other 'communities' I've been involved in over the years.

Everyday I get to witness people getting their 'a-ha' moment and that bring me huge amounts of joy. Speaking with Ben and David on our team calls we often talk about how we can get as many people to that moment as possible. What could we do that will inspire and make people go, 'shit! I could use this for that app I've always wanted to build'.

The no-code movement is making internet businesses accessible to anyone globally. When mobile and web apps can be built and launched in minutes and hours not weeks, months and years, feedback loops are shortened and the downside in minimised.

As I write this on the way to the NoCodeConf in San Francisco (thanks to my incredible fiance Nat, I love you & owe you one) the only thing you need to launch a mobile app is an internet connection is an internet connection, Google Sheets and Glide Apps. You don't even need any money!

This is a game changer with the only limit being creativity.

Companies like Webflow, AdaloHQ, GlideApps and Parabola to name a few make is possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to launch a fully functioning application that solves real problems with zero friction + almost no learning curve.

This will likely lead to a number of things.

People will actually try to build things and not just say 'I had that idea', they will likely try multiple ideas as the cost of the 'thing' failing is almost zero.

Time will no longer be used as an excuse. 5 mins is all you need to do something now.

Fear, like the need for money, will also be removed.

Even the most ambitious marketplaces can be fully built and launched for FREE using the free period granted by the team at Sharetribe. S/O to Sjoerd who took the time to learn about what no-code makers want and how they could bring value to the Makerpad community.

Now as I'm sat on the plane I'm thinking about how we can use the momentum we've got to benefit people globally.

For the entrepreneurs, what can we do to eliminate the time from idea to working product?

For the full time employees, what can we show them that will add another tool to their arsenal to make them more effective and efficient.

For the business owners, how could we show them the 'a-ha' moment that no code making brings and how can they use that to empower everyone in the business to try epic shit.

Finally, for those people being exposed to the internet for the first time what products and services will they need to create abundance in their communities.

We're living in the best ever time. The world has never been better but there's still lots to be done to empower people through technology.

I think the no-code movement is going to lead the charge and that everyone around the world should try making something at least once.

If it involves learning and writing code, great. Shoutout to all of the incredible engineers that build the products we use! If it uses no-code tools then thats great too. The barriers are no longer there.

It's my hope that through my work at Makerpad I can help people see that 'a-ha' moment and that by getting that feeling it encourages them to try to build the 'thing' they always dreamed of.

The more people that are working on things that bring them joy the better. Don't waste your time in a job you hate without working towards something you love.

I'll end this post by saying I'd love to help you in any way possible, just send me an email at, send me a tweet/message @tomosman on Twitter.

Would be more than happy to help.

p.s special thanks + shoutout to Ben Tossell for building Makerpad where building stuff with things is now a paying job.