No-code is new programming with Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber

In this episode, I speak to Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber. We talk about why he’s interested in the no-code space and the opportunities for those who do and don’t code.

Full Interview


04:03 - The No-code is New Programming blog post

06:46 - Using Alfred

07:36 - Jeremy’s background

09:02 - His time at Ondeck

11:21 - Why is no-code interesting to someone who can code?

14:29 - Using no-code tools at Uber

15:23 - An opportunity for engineers to be resourceful

16:30 - What is interesting to Jeremy right now?

20:04 - Layers of abstraction

22:41 - The push back on Visual Development from Engineers

24:39 - Error handling with no-code tools

27:26 - Building a no-code testing tool

29:19 - Pair-programming & Voiceflow

31:13 - The low-code opportunity

33:22 - The ‘does it scale’ argument

36:04 - Lambda School scale example

39:36 - Democratising software development

47:35 - Creating software is now free

49:25 - Removing the need for a technical co-founder

50:08 - What’s next for Jeremy?

51:37 - The biggest opportunities in no-code right now?

54:02 - The phrase ‘no-code’

56:01 - Closing comments

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