Thoughts On Education & Technology

One of the things that I think a lot about these days are how the pace of technology change is outstripping the change in our education system.

Currently we're trying to prepare our children for jobs that ont only haven't been invented yet but we don't know what skills are going to be required for those jobs.

Subjects and exams that rely heavily on information recall are already redundant.

"The five most important skills are reading, writing, arithmetic, persuasion, and programming. If you’re good with computers, if you’re good at basic math, if you’re good at writing, if you’re good at speaking, and if you like to read, you’re set for life." - Naval Ravikant

In a smart phone, internet powered world we have the entire knowledge of the world at our finger tips. The only friction between us and all of this information is bandwidth and finding the most trusted/reliable source.

This generation of children are 'digital natives' with access to more than any other generation that has come before them. This means the array of subject and interests ready to peak interest is vast.

Schools by nature are not fluid due to the way curriculumis put together initially, then reviewed and amended over time. There is little room for interpretation by the teachers.

With exam results an essential part of a schools success and reputation most are dialled in to this metrics rather than adjusting to the fast moving world we live in.

Home solution

Solutions to this won't come from the top down but from the home and parents.

Taking responsibility at home to fill the gaps inn knowledge to prepare our children for a 2030 world should be the priority of all parents.

As more of the world comes online with the internet combined with the remote working economy boom, competition will increase exponentially.

Critical thinking, reading, writing, science, technology, arithmetic, persuasion and programming should take a front seat above other subjects.