Why Start A Business

First, let me preface this post by saying that not everyone should start a business.

For some, it may never cross their mind and for others it may be way outside their sphere of risk. That said if you are someone who has always had the thought of "I'd love to have my own business" then you should at least give yourself a shot at trying.

I have to add that although on the surface starting a business can seem risky if done right the majority of the early pitfalls can be easily avoided.

Ok now that is out of the way let's talk about the why.

It's a great time to start.

The year is 2019 and chances are you have everything you need to start your business or side project in your house or even in the palm of your hand. A quick search of "How to start a business" on Google returns 8,510,000,000 results (at the time of writing this post). All of the information you need is at your fingertips.

Don't know how to do something? Look it up.

Everyone is now connected and are looking for things they're interested in online. If you've ever looked around on public transport you'll know that during the time that people are otherwise unoccupied they are looking at something on their phones.

This could be on Instagram following their favourite 'influencer' or at a Facebook page aimed at sharing the best travel destinations from around the world.Moving away from the social network side of things, perhaps your passion is drawing cats.

You think to yourself, "Jeez if there was a way to get paid to draw cats I'd be the happiest person on earth." Guess what, someone is living that dream as laid out by Robert Allen from Growth Lab in his 3 Weird Yet Successful Online Business Ideas article.

Yes, there are a few steps to go from thinking you want to draw cats to actually getting paid to draw them but we'll cover that in another post.The point is that there were over 3.4 billion people connected to the internet in 2017 and for every cat drawing business there are many more people wanting you to draw their cat.Whatever you passion is you can turn in into cash.

You don't need to work in an office.

Sorry to the people who love sitting working in offices but having been on both sides there are more options these days.I remember a couple of years ago looking out of the window and thinking "what a nice day, I wish I could work outside and not be wearing this suit". Fast forward to now, if I want to go and work outside on my laptop I can and I've definitely lost the suit.

I must however give credit to the companies who provide truly flexible working environments, good work.

Here are a few of the best according to Glassdoor. Did you know that the company behind Wordpress, Automattic possesses zero offices and has 550+ employees?

Here's an example, during the week you work a normal office job 8-5 with an hour commute on each end. That's 11 hours of the day gone immediately. Let's also make the presumption that you fall into the 85% of people who dislike their job (Gallup poll in Sept 2017).During that 11 hour period of work, there's going to be a good amount of time spent thinking about the thing or things you do enjoy.

For the purpose of this example let's say skiing.

Skiing is all you think about and at lunchtime, you watch YouTube videos of your favourite skier, you follow a heap of them on Instagram and you've got the saving account set up for that new pair of skis for the next trip. Now what I propose is that more people start a business around their passion and work on it until you can turn it into your job. This could involve starting a media channel aggregating ski content or a Shopify store selling equipment and clothing.

These days the next big brands will emerge from Instagram. Take @Dunk started by Eliot Robinson as a prime example.

Being there when needed.

Life is short and you never know what is around the corner.

Personally, I quit my job in March of 2017 and in September of 2017 our twin girls arrived 3 months prematurely.

For the next 3 months, we'd have to visit 2 hospitals each day + keep the 3-year-old in her usual routine. That story is for another day but because I was working for myself I could do what needed to be done during the day and work into the night.

There would have been no chance of still earning what we needed if I had still been employed.If an emergency strikes it pays to be able to take the time needed in a heartbeat.

Here are 20 more reasons why.

  1. More spare time. This may not be true to start with but eventually, it will.
  2. Create your ideal working environment. Want to have a bonsai tree on your desk or a massaging chair, go ahead.
  3. Create jobs. Building a successful business creates jobs for others.
  4. Help people. Create something that solves a problem.
  5. Financial independence. There is unlimited opportunity for earning should you want to pursue it.
  6. Be challenged. Each day as an entrepreneur is tough.
  7. Explore the world. Never worry about how many days holiday you have left.
  8. Build a team. Scale your business and create a killer team to surround you.
  9. Gain new skills. Each day you will learn something new.
  10. Build a reputation. Become known for what you do.
  11. Inspire people. People who will want to do the same will follow and be inspired by you.
  12. Become tough through failure. You'll get a thick skin pretty quickly!
  13. More stories to tell. All entrepreneurs have war stories!
  14. Eliminate the dead commuting time. No more sat in traffic or waiting for delayed trains.
  15. Have pride in your business. When it's yours you take more care! Fact.
  16. Own something. These days few things are truly owned.
  17. Make a change in the world (if you want to). Start something to make a difference in whatever area you're passionate about.
  18. Pass down a legacy. Create something that lives on after you die.
  19. Be creative. Find new ways to earn money and win business.
  20. Become determine. Being an entrepreneur it's all on you. You have to become determine or you'll fail.

If you are looking to start a business and join the world of entrepreneurship then join the community.