I am a technologist that teaches people how to build products and services online.

Passionate about how technology is shaping the world and the future of education.

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Thoughts on a Pandemic pt.1

COVID19 forced a large majority of us into isolation, here are my thoughts so far.


The easiest way to sell online with Sergio Villaseńor of Elliot.

In this episode, I speak to Sergio Villaseńor, founder and CEO of Elliot, the easiest way to sell anything, anywhere online. All without code. No-code Live 003.


No-code is new programming with Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber

In this episode, I speak to Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber. We talk about why he’s interested in the no-code space and the opportunities for those who do and don’t code.


Building apps in 2020 with David Adkin of Adalo HQ

In this episode, I speak to David Adkin, co-founder of Adalo HQ, the platform that lets you build a web or native mobile app as easily as building a slide deck for no-code live 001.


A fireside chat with Justin Wu.

I had the chance to join Justin Wu on LinkedIn Live to talk about all things #nocode marketing. In this fireside chat, we run through all of the tools a modern market has in their arsenal and what they are used for.

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