I teach people how to build software and automate work without writing code.

Lover of technology and innovation, trail running.

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Infinitely Scalable Individuals

We’re seeing a new breed of individual emerge. Individuals who are able to build infinitely scalable businesses attached to their own name, with global reach and without the infrastructure normally associated with doing so.


My 2020 No-Code Toolkit

This year has been somewhat of a break out year for no-code tools but some remain as the go-to tools fending off stiff competition from new arrivals.


Replicating Digital Work

There has been something that I’ve been fascinated by for a long time now and that is how people do the things they do on the internet. What if we could record what we do easily and share it?


Leveraging No-code Tools

There are few bigger opportunities in business right now than learning how to properly leverage no-code tools. Two groups have the biggest advantage.


Running, Trails and Ultras

Trail running has been the one thing that I've found that's best for the mind, body and soul. This post explains how I found it and why I do it.


Concept - Inputs pt.1

I'm working on a concept called Inputs. A section that lives on a personal website to publically share the content, reading, people, companies, videos and other information that shapes one's thinking and decisions.


Thoughts on a Pandemic pt.1

COVID19 has forced a large majority of us into isolation, turned the economy on its head and has infected more than a million around the world, here are my thoughts so far.


No-code is new programming with Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber

In this episode, I speak to Jeremy Ho, former Product & Tech Lead at Uber. We talk about why he’s interested in the no-code space and the opportunities for those who do and don’t code.


The easiest way to sell online with Sergio Villaseńor of Elliot.

In this episode, I speak to Sergio Villaseńor, founder and CEO of Elliot, the easiest way to sell anything, anywhere online. All without code. No-code Live 003.


Building apps in 2020 with David Adkin of Adalo HQ

In this episode, I speak to David Adkin, co-founder of Adalo HQ, the platform that lets you build a web or native mobile app as easily as building a slide deck for no-code live 001.